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  1. Data for members only.
    If you wanna see all the data, please sign up & login Eternal SPEED.

  2. Use proper nickname for sign up.
    Using member name or emoticon in nickname is prohibited. (ex. Jungwoo, kimjungwoo, abc)

  3. Editing Eternal SPEED's photos or videos is totally BANNED.
    All the data are very precious. We put lots of efforts & time for them.
    Editing = resizing, cropping logo, adding any decoration.
    If you re-upload photos to anywhere (including Instagram & Tumblr), credit "Eternal SPEED" & ""
    Reuploading fancams is not allowed.

  4. Except SPEED members.
    All the rules do not apply to SPEED members. Don't say Jungwoo break the rules, so you can also break the rules.

  5. Login or password problem, please send your question to email or twitter.
    Twitter: @_19900509com

the password must be at least 4

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sketchbook5, 스케치북5

sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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