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to best in me.

안녕하세요. 정우입니다.

스피드가 해체를 하고 혼자서 연기자가 되기 위한 준비를 하고 있습니다.

그 길이 외롭지 않게 항상 옆에서 지켜주셨던것 진심으로 감사드립니다. 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다.

저도 멋지게 성공 하겠습니다.!



to best in me.

Hello, it's Jungwoo.

Speed was disbanded and I'm alone and preparing to be an actor.

I sincerely thank you, you always make this path not lonely and stay by my side. Please keep supporting me in the future.

I will be successful well also!


2016.04.15 22:26

정우 싸인 ^^

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to Best in me.

PS: 잘 부탁해요 다시!! ^^






to best in me.

PS: 고마워요 ^^





나도 고마워 ;_;

2015.10.26 00:05

Hello ~~~ ^^

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Hi! Long time no see. How are you doing? ... I want to see you guys are sovery tired these days. There was a hard work these days .. heart is hard. But itcan't talk right now. Sorry, I'll explain later Thank you for always cheered meto Hack, god's bless you!

  • 람누나 2015.10.26 23:06
    정우야 항상 고마워. 아프지마 앞으로 응원할게~ ^^
  • albee1412 2015.10.26 23:46
    Hope that everything would be fine!! Hwaiting!!

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홈페이지가 이뻐요 람 누나 항상 고마워요 ^^ 일본쇼케이스열심히준비중이니 기대해주세요. 컴백도준비중입니다. 기다려주시구요 한국은 너무덥네요...ㅠㅠ 팬분들 다 좋은일만있으시길바래요!

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