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2017.10.07 14:24

Tutorial of Support Project

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How does the support project work?
Every support project in FANMAUM needs certain amount of hearts to archieve.
Heart is like a currency. We collect the hearts from FANS worldwide through FANMAUM.
In our case, we need 2,980,000 hearts or more to place a subway CF board.


How can I get hearts?
Two methods:

1. collect free hearts by checking attendance

2. purchase hearts using credit card/ paypal/ Alipay, etc. (payment charge is needed)


I want to donate money, but not through FANMAUM.
If the participants do not want to donate through FANMAUM, Paypal is the only method.
After we collect all money from participants through Paypal, we will use those money to purchase hearts.



How to purchase hearts by credit card?

Credit card2.jpg


Credit card3.jpg


Credit card4.jpg


Credit card5.jpg


Credit card6.jpg




How to participate in FANMAUM?








How to collect free hearts?






sketchbook5, 스케치북5

sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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